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Victims & Witnesses  

Bermuda’s Witness Care Unit

In an Island with a population of 62,000 in an area of 21 square miles, it’s safe to say that we get to know each other well. But not every contact we make is a positive one, and when we report a crime to the police, the very smallness of Bermuda can sometimes lead to a very big problem. The question is how do you create an environment where victims and witnesses can report crime in the knowledge that they will be supported throughout the process?

In April 2007, Bermuda hosted the No Witness No Justice Conference at the Elbow Beach Hotel. Speaking during the two day conference was a delegation from England who had come to sell the benefits of ‘witness care’ to Bermuda. Emphasis was placed on how proper witness care leads to better informed witnesses who are more likely to be engaged in the Court process. It was further explained that this inevitably leads to witnesses having a better understanding of the Justice System, with the foreseeable outcome being more successful trials. At the end of the conference, all involved were persuaded that Bermuda should implement a scheme to reflect this ideology.

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